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My Journey With Accutane

My Journey With Accutane…

Please note, this is my experience. This will not be everyone's experience.

Embarking on the Accutane journey was supposed to be my ticket to clearer skin, but little did I know it would lead me on an unexpected path filled with trials and discoveries.

Accutane, scientifically known as isotretinoin

Accutane is often considered a last-resort medication for treating severe acne, primarily due to its powerful and potentially harmful side effects. It works by significantly shrinking the sebaceous glands in the skin, which produce oil. By reducing the size of these glands and their oil output, Accutane helps to decrease acne by minimising oil-related pore clogging and reducing the growth of bacteria that can lead to acne.

Comprehensive Safety Measures When Taking Accutane

Birth Control Requirements
Isotretinoin is teratogenic, meaning it can cause severe birth defects if taken during pregnancy. As a result, the iPLEDGE program in the United States (and similar programs worldwide) mandates rigorous protective measures for women of childbearing potential.

Dual Protection
Women must use two forms of birth control starting at least one month before beginning Accutane treatment, throughout the entire course of treatment, and for at least one month after stopping the medication. This might include a combination of barrier methods.

Regular Blood Tests
Accutane has potential hepatotoxic effects (it can damage the liver) and can also significantly alter lipid (fat) levels in the blood. To monitor for these possible complications, patients undergo monthly blood tests.

The Unexpected Challenge 

My personal journey with Accutane took an unexpected and troubling path. Unlike the typical scenario where the skin initially worsens before improving "purging", my condition continued to deteriorate without the anticipated recovery phase. The severe and persistent side effects highlighted the potent nature of the medication and its capacity to disrupt more than just sebaceous glands...

I started getting bacterial infections and with being on so many medications at the same time, there was never a chance for my body to recover...
Eventually after SO many appointments, so much frustration and trying literally everything (funded and unfunded) in the way of prescriptions, steroid creams, steroid injections, diets and even transfusions, it was agreed nothing was working and it was best to give my body a break.

Moving Forward

Lockdown then happened and with a lot of time on my hands, I started researching. I found out I was allergic to parabens and sensitive to many other synthetic ingredients.
Realising everything i had been prescribed and trying had all of those ingredients in them, i knew i needed to try something without them.

But i noticed a huge issue, a lot of other natural brands i was trying didn't have active ingredients that were used at such a percentage that would restore my skin. 

Other natural brands that did have some kind of active were so out of my price range. 

So, I set out to make my own skincare that I could use. I knew it needed to be natural, no synthetic ingredients but it also really needed to be able to control oil production and keep my follicles clean and free from bacteria. After countless hours of research I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve.

The Creation Of Earthwoven

To ensure the efficacy and safety of the products, I worked closely with dermatologists and skin scientists. This team of experts helped bridge the gap between natural ingredients and scientific effectiveness. We carefully selected active components that were potent yet gentle, ensuring they could control oil production and maintain clean, bacteria-free follicles without causing irritation. 

Working with dermatologists not only ensured that our products would be safe for sensitive skin but also allowed us to incorporate advanced dermatological knowledge into the development of each product. Our collaboration with skin scientists provided access to the latest research in skincare, enabling us to utilise cutting-edge techniques and ingredients that maximise benefits without compromising skin health.

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