Happy Skin, Naturally.

Scientifically Proven, Naturally Driven, Active Skincare Solutions.

Effective. Ethical. Earthwoven.

Earthwoven embodies a rare commitment in the skincare world.

As one of the few New Zealand-made brands to offer skincare that is both vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, we set a new standard for what it means to be a truly ethical skincare brand. Our dedication to high-quality natural ingredients and ethical practices is evident in every product.

Rooted in over 40 years of scientific research, Earthwoven expertly combines the best of nature with smart science. This powerful combination ensures our skincare does more than just feel good—it delivers real results.

Experience the Earthwoven difference, where innovation meets integrity, providing you with skincare that truly works.

Natural Skincare That Delivers Real Results

Earthwoven products not only incorporate clinically proven active ingredients but are also expertly designed with biomimetic components that enhance absorption and maximise benefits.

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Our Story

  • Sore no more! - Whitney

    I'm 30 and have never really done anything about my skin. Through my 20's I suffered with regular breakouts and constant inflammation that was painful. I stumbled across Earthwoven through a friend's page and thought "This stuff looks beautifully natural, and it's made right here in Aotearoa! I'm 30 now and don't want to go another decade in pimply pain - lets give Earthwoven a go!"
    Honestly... I don't remember the last time my face felt like this. I've lived too many years with inflammation that caused my face to hurt without touching it. Everyday now I touch my face just to feel how normal it feels. It feels so much better and constantly looks better - confidence boost - I feel naturally beautiful! I also LOVE the smell of the products, my wife also loves the smell of my Earthwoven skin too.
    Ngā mihi nui Shaleah xx

  • Gorgeous! - Maikara Nicholson 

    Everything is so good. All the products made my dry skin so hydrated and feel smooth and soft. My skin is literally glowing! I've only been using this for about 2 weeks and my skin has never felt better. At the start I was really hesitant, because I started purging, but I messaged them and it's normal! So don't sweat it if you purge! My skin looks so good 24/7 and I am really loving it. I love how the cleaner is already a foam, with the nozzle and the toner is a spray bottle, it makes it easier to apply. My skin LOVES the moisturizer. It soaks into the skin super good! Love it!

  • Finally a skincare range I can share with my teens!! - Aimee

    This is the first time myself and my teenage daughters have been able to share skincare! This is a huge win for me!!! They are really fussy with how their skin is left feeling after skincare use and this trio has won them over. The versatility of these products allow us all to get out of them what we need. The girls with their acne/breakouts and I have found my skin is so much more even toned and replenished. We all love the moisturiser as it leaves our skin feeling hydrated and soft without the heavy greasy feel. This is what won the girls over - the fact their skin was left feeling completely weightless and free of that greasy feeling. As teens that is important to them as they feel their skin is naturally greasy enough in this period of time they are in.

    Very happy, thank you!

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